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8 great things happening in Hong Kong right now

Summer in Hong Kong is a great time to go out and explore. While social distancing rules remain, we all have to continue to take care of the safety precautions, but there’s plenty to be happy about and lots of reasons to enjoy all that this amazing city has going on right now.

Here are eight great things happening in Hong Kong.

1. Low Covid cases for the past five weeks

Low Covid cases have been sustained in the city for five weeks. As of 8 August 2021, the number of people recorded as having Covid was 76, with 212 deaths reported for the period. Although we have endured a curfew of sorts, restrictions and, of course, our quarantine measures, HK hasn’t had a full lockdown in the same way that many other cities have.

HK has been one of the few places to see the pandemic curve flatten, releasing pressure on the healthcare system. With the government widening the Covid-19 vaccine to all residents aged 16 and older, it’s hoped that the situation will continue to improve.

2. Hong Kong remains one of the safest places to live

We’re lucky to live in an advanced economy with very low rates of crime. While thefts, assaults, and burglaries do unfortunately occur, crime levels in the city are comparatively low and decreasing.

Source: Numbeo, August 2021

The above data is based on perceptions of visitors to Numbeo in the past 3 years and has been collated from 515 contributors. If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

3. The social scene is making a comeback

Now that Covid curfews have started to lift, the social scene is back. Anyone who is vaccinated and uses the government Covid-tracking app can freely visit bars and nightclubs and things are picking up.

Restaurants are also back in business and can remain open until midnight. We can dine out with up to six people, so long as we’ve had the first vaccine. And there are new restaurants to try, including Radical Chic, on the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon, which offers an innovative take on Italian fine dining.

4. People are getting out and using the country parks

Hong Kong covers 1,100 square kilometres, 75% of which is countryside. Following rigid lockdown restrictions, our city’s beautiful parks and nature reserves are places we can all enjoy during the summer months.

So, get outdoors and explore some of the spectacular national parks sitting right on our doorstep. With 24 national parks, you don’t have to travel far to discover scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs, and coastline.

5. Thanks to locals enjoying a staycation, hotels are doing well

Thanks to many of us opting for a staycation amidst continued travel restrictions, hotels in Hong Kong have raised occupancy levels to 90%. Stays during public holidays and long weekends are particularly popular.

One of the unexpected joys of a staycation is the chance to see our home country through the eyes of a tourist. Hong Kong has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and there are some incredible staycation offers, promotions, and packages to take advantage of.

6. Positive GDP over the past two quarters

Hong Kong is likely to keep the pace of rebound in GDP during the second quarter of 2021.

Although border restrictions remain in place, the government’s handling of its “zero tolerance” strategy towards Covid-19 has enabled lockdown restrictions inside Hong Kong to lift. This has helped the economy.

According to the government’s revised GDP growth forecast, the economy is now expected to expand by 5.5% to 6.5%, up from the previous growth forecast of 3.5% to 5.5%.

Despite some slowdown in export growth, the government said the city’s economic recovery remains on track as global demand picks up and local coronavirus fears ease.

For the first half of 2021, the economy grew by 7.8% compared to a year earlier.

7. A fantastic business hub with appealing tax rules for foreign investors and ideal access to China

Hong Kong remains a fantastic place to do business. A business-friendly hub, HK offers entrepreneurs a great environment to set up.

Attractive highlights include:

Strategic location

The heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong’s proximity to China, one of the world’s best markets, is ideal. In normal times, there are frequent daily flights between Hong Kong and other world business hubs.

Free economy

The free trade policy means foreign investors are granted plenty of benefits, including:

  • No restriction for onshore or offshore investment
  • Free movements of capital
  • No tariff on goods import/export
  • No foreign exchange controls.

Ease of doing business

Hong Kong ranks third in the world for “ease of doing business”, Singapore comes in second with New Zealand taking first place. The high ranking reflects the positive aspects of Hong Kong, particularly the streamlined and time-saving company formation process. You can set up a company in Hong Kong within 24 hours.

Simple, low tax system

The tax system is attractive. Only income derived within and from the jurisdiction is taxed. On top of this, because Hong Kong follows the two-tier profits tax regime, the first HK$2 million of assessable profits for both corporations and unincorporated businesses is only taxed at one half of its current tax rate.

The tax system allows foreign entrepreneurs to save costs and maximise profits.

8. Sporting events to look forward to

Hot on the heels of Hong Kong’s Olympians bringing home a record number of medals from Japan, we can look forward to enjoying more sporting events.

The Hong Kong Sevens is “Where the world comes to play”. One of the world’s premier sporting events and the most popular annual sporting events in Asia, the competition attracts some of the world’s greatest rugby players and thousands of fans from around the world.

After being forced to cancel last year, 2022 promises a spectacular return with three days of international rugby and 40 competing teams. The number of spectators is yet to be determined.

Book your tickets for 1–3 April 2022.

The Gay Games are also coming to Hong Kong in 2022. Taking place between 11 and 19 November next year, organisers are expecting 12,000 participants, 75,000 spectators, and 3,000 volunteers from 100 countries.

There’s expected to be 36 different sporting events, including dragon boat racing, dodgeball, and trail running. There will also be opening and closing ceremonies and a variety of arts and culture events taking place in and around the festival village.

A unique combination of sport, arts, culture and fun, the event brings communities together. Creating unity and positive attitudes, it’s the first time the Gay Games have been hosted in Asia.

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