Laurent Bickert

Laurent Bickert

Hong Kong, French expat,

I moved to Hong Kong from France nine years ago for work.

I had a wealth consultant back in France, who was working with me to help me build up my estate. Unfortunately he passed away, and for a while I wasn’t seeking financial advice from anyone else. Jahmaine initially approached me, and I held off taking him up on his offer… until eventually he called at the right time. I’ve got to hand it to him, he was very patient!

What I liked initially about working with Jahmaine was that he wasn’t a French adviser! That might sound trivial, but the French market is very constrained. Here you can be a lot more open-minded and creative, with much richer options available.

I needed help negotiating the terms of my expat contract, which can be a big hurdle to overcome. Jahmaine was a big help with this. He also worked with me on my retirement plan, plus things like social insurance, critical illness insurance – all the things that are taken for granted in the French system.

I really appreciate Jahmaine’s open-mindedness. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach, and he’s happy to say when he doesn’t know something and will go away and do his research. I also like that he’s not bound to just one bank, but instead has access to the whole market. I’ve even referred him on to some of my colleagues.

Being able to sit down and identify all of my estate has definitely helped me to formulate my objectives. I want to spend the rest of my career in Asia, and probably my retirement too. I now appreciate the challenges I’m facing, and know where I’m going – which gives me peace of mind for what’s to come.

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