Our objective is to help our clients live the lifestyle they want, without running out of money.

Knowing how you want live your life means knowing how much your lifestyle costs, both now and later. Using cutting edge fintech, your BMP Wealth Manager will help you model the costs and build a blueprint, showing how much you need and when you’ll need it. We can then see if you have “Enough”. Watch the video below to explain more about the technology we use:

Everyone falls into one of three camps. Those with not enough need help to build their balance sheet and manage what they have. Those with just enough have to develop a strategy to manage risks, while preserving their lifestyle. Those with too much money need to make robust plans to preserve a lasting legacy and to minimise crippling capital taxes, without affecting their lifestyle.

The way we work revolves around three key pillars: Build, Manage, Preserve. And it’s these three pillars that make up who we are – BMP Wealth. Find out more about exactly what we do.

Build your wealth

We help you put the foundations in place to effectively boost your personal balance sheet and grow your wealth over time.
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Manage your wealth

We help you organise and manage your existing wealth, from portfolio management to balance sheet optimisation.
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Preserve your wealth

We make sure your wealth is securely protected, from safeguarding your future income to preserving your legacy.
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