Your BMP Wealth Manager will run through a detailed risk assessment, helping you and your manager identify the level of risk that you are comfortable with. BMP will then offer a discretionary management service for your overall investment mandate.

Our discretionary investment services are suitable for investors who want to access a sophisticated investment management service and do not wish to manage their own investments.

Clients grant BMP Wealth the authority to manage their investments in line with agreed mandates, without the need for us to seek their consent to buy or sell assets on their behalf. You can choose either a Model Portfolio or a Bespoke Portfolio service.

Model Portfolios:

Model portfolios are built by BMP Wealth’s Investment Committee, which is empowered by the Board of Directors to oversee the company’s investment strategies. The Investment Committee is driven by the company’s core values of building, managing and preserving wealth and uses investment analysis from a broad range of sources to collate a house investment view. Portfolio components are selected using a repeatable and consistent screening process, with common sense discipline to build a range of robust solutions.

Our Model Portfolio service provides a number of risk-rated model portfolios investing into a diversified portfolio of financial assets, using the BMP Wealth Core/Satellite strategy. Each model portfolio is designed to achieve specific investment outcomes within an agreed risk profile. The models are actively managed and re-balanced; they use the “best ideas” from the Investment Committee’s approved list of investments.

Bespoke Portfolios:

Bespoke Portfolios are designed for clients who want an individual investment portfolio constructed to meet specific objectives. A minimum of USD250,000 is required for this service. Bespoke Portfolios are managed by your Wealth Manager whilst adhering to BMP’s “Core/Satellite” strategy and the Investment Committee’s approved list of investments

BMP Wealth’s investment management philosophy:

Academic research shows asset allocation is responsible for the majority of investment returns, whilst also reducing the variability of those returns. A fully diversified portfolio built across a range of asset classes should achieve the end goal, so portfolios are built using a “Core / Satellite” strategy. The core of the portfolio is a blend of diversified, multi-asset solutions, weighted to reflect tolerance of risk. Satellite allocations are either opportunistic, non-correlated or defensive and provide a tactical overlay to enhance portfolio returns and manage risk.

The discretionary models can be accessed through a wide selection of investment platforms, ensuring a robust and scalable solution for a range of client scenarios. Active management ensures the portfolios remain optimised and economies of scale ensure costs are controlled. However, you can change at any time and become more involved, whilst the discretionary mandate is reviewed every year. You can review your portfolio performance and valuation by logging onto our portal, which shows a breakdown by product, currency, asset allocation and a number of other metrics.