BMP Wealth managers look at your entire balance sheet and help you recognise how much you have in financial assets (cash, bonds and equities), real assets (property, commodities and collectibles) and debt (mortgages, loans, credit cards). Optimising your balance sheet means making sure that you have enough financial assets (money) to buy what you need, when you need it and making sure your balance sheet reflects your risk tolerance, so that you can sleep at night.

Real assets need to be converted to cash to buy necessities, so not having enough cash or liquid assets can often lead to selling real assets at fire-sale prices. Conversely, having too much liquidity means that you may be exposed to counterparty risk, which is not a factor when you own real assets. Your balance sheet needs to be diversified in a similar way to your investment portfolio, reducing risk and helping you cope with the unexpected.

Holistic balance sheet optimisation means changing as you change, which is why your BMP Wealth manager integrates regular strategic reviews as a cornerstone of our service proposition. As your circumstances change so should your balance sheet, reflecting your different priorities on your life journey.