Our client services

BMP Wealth is all about service. We strive to make helping you manage your wealth both accessible and simple. Our client communication strategy revolves around technology and we want to ensure that you can engage via our online valuation service as well as via your BMP Wealth manager. Our service is delivered via three pillars:

BMP Wealth Managers

You will have a BMP Wealth Manager, who is the focus of your relationship with BMP Wealth. Your BMP Wealth manager is available for meetings or skype calls and will ensure that all advice is provided clearly and simply and summarised in a written report before implementation.

Regular ongoing service meetings will be scheduled with your BMP Wealth Manger, whilst ad-hoc meeting are welcome. You may contact your BMP Wealth Manager as the need arises via emails, Skype or telephone. All costs and charges are clearly laid out and agreed in advance and your report is double checked by the compliance department to ensure suitability.

Online Valuations

Existing clients can securely log on and see their balance sheet online. For financial assets managed by BMP Wealth, you can drill down to see current valuations, past performance and individual fund attribution, daily updated. This is the foundation for managing your balance sheet on an ongoing basis.


Existing and prospective clients can see our Insights area, with online commentaries and updates from our core managers and BMP Wealth blogs and opinions. We will also add details of forthcoming events and how to join in.