Our philosophy

Our Vision

To be the leader in the international wealth management industry in Asia.

Our Mission

BMP Wealth provides clients with transparent and value driven wealth management solutions, both professionally and compliantly, using state of the art technologies and innovative strategies.

Our Service

We believe that the cornerstone of achieving our vision is service. We never forget that it is your wealth and we are helping you manage it, so we offer a range of ways to interact. Our service includes your relationship with your BMP Wealth Manager, online valuations, regular market commentary and complimentary invitations to informed events.

BMP Wealth Managers

BMP Wealth Managers represent clients’ interests, as our clients are our Principals. Big banks, asset managers and insurance companies do not act for their clients: they owe fealty to their employers, so have targets to meet and management to satisfy. BMP Wealth managers concentrate on meeting their clients’ needs, with senior management ensuring that all solutions are compliant and client driven.


We work in teams; often several staff members will be involved in delivering our service and, as required, will be joined by external professionals like lawyers, trustees, real estate agents and other specialists. Our clients are the singular focal point for these teams.